Work & Travel China

This program is designed so that you can become more than a tourist, experiencing life in China firsthand by working alongside...
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The TESOL Program (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) at China ESL is one of the leading English language centers....
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Mandarin & Culture

Mandarin offers convenience for communication between the international participants in China and the Chinese. We offer a variety...
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China Internship

This provide participants with the opportunities for professional development through employment in China workplace(Schools). Interns and trainees...
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China ESL brings an amazing opportunity of teaching in exotic oriental country of China, creating an environment that combines conservation, education and recreation into the ultimate work and travel program for anyone who desires to make a difference by teaching abroad. We offer participants a rewarding experience, affording them a unique opportunity to learn and apply new skills and challenging them to develop a wider perspective about the diversity of cultures and populations around the world.